pc-switch: Remote Power Control for your PC, Server and NAS!

Your PC needs this!

Control your PC or server from anywhere

Your Server or NAS is in a different room or even a rack?

Integrate into Home Assistant

You want to automatically turn on, off your PC based on time or any other condition?

Local Game Streaming

You have a powerful gaming PC but you can not turn it on with your TV or handheld like the Steam Deck?

Hardware Parental control for Kids

Your kids tend to use the PC more than you would like. You can easily create shutdown timers in Home Assistant.

Save on your power bill

Save 33% power by powering off your PC, NAS or Server over night (8 hours of sleep).

Connect to anything

A local API that you can integrate into your project.

As a nerd, you need the pc-switch! (Not the final product.)

... ...

Turn your PC on and off

Regular power button functionality.

Reset your PC

Regular reset button functionality.

Hard Reset

If a normal shutdown does not work you can force your system with a hard reset as a last resort.

Monitor On/Off State

See when and how long your PC was ON or OFF.

Still use your Front IO

Of course you can still use the power and reset button on your PC case.

Standalone mode

The Web Interface allows you to control the PC on your phone and without Home Assistant.

Local API

You can integrate the pc-switch via a simple API to almost anything you like

No Cloud!

We value your privacy

No proprietary App needed

Everything is manageable via the web interface or the Home Assistant integration.

No subscription. EVER!

Everything is manageable via the web interface or the Home Assistant integration.

You own the Hardware

You can flash the standalone version, the Home Assistant version or any other software. It is yours and will even work if the project is dead.

With RGB!

For you gamers, it has RGB! For other, you can use it as status LED or turn it off.

Proudly made with ESPHome